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I am an independent thinker, with a broad and deep experience who relishes the challenge to look and see things differently. I provide clarity and insight into the issues, and possibilities, and propose actionable pragmatic solutions. I am motivated by developing relationships, designing creative solutions and adding unique value to meaningful purpose led work. I support and inspire individuals, team and organisations to achieve more by providing clarity, insight and practical solutions for the benefit of their people, customers and the wider community.


I am passionate about supporting people and organisations to develop their potential through my consulting and coaching work; supporting children and young people through my volunteer work with the Scholars Academy Trust, NSPCC and Childline; supporting good government and governance through my consulting work with the Cabinet office and as a Number 10 Senior Independent Panel on key government appointments.

I have broad based business experience gained over 30 years, starting in P&G Brand management, followed by Tesco General management senior roles over 16 years, then as a high-level HR Consultant and Executive Coach across many sectors.

I have broad and deep HR experience and credentials as an HR Director in Tesco working across divisions and locations, and as an HR Consultant for the Cabinet Office. I have undertaken a wide variety of executive coaching and consulting projects across across business, government and the charity sector.

My professional qualifications include:

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development since 2012

NLP Master Practitioner

Workplace Big 5 Profile Accredited Consultant

Strengthscope Master Practitioner

Certificate in Systemic Coaching and Constellations

Childline Qualified Counsellor

My academic background includes:

LSE BSc Economics Degree

Masters in Executive Coaching and Mentoring from the Institute of Leadership and Management

Accredited European School of Management Associate Lecturer in 2009

Guest Lecturer at the LSE, on various subjects associated with the Master’s in Management course since 2010.

My volunteer work has played a central and valuable part of my working life. I feel very fortunate to have brought up in the family I have, to have gained a place at a girls’ grammar school and being the first in my family to graduate from university.

These privileges I do not take for granted; they act as fuel to motivate me to use the experience and expertise I have gained to help and support children and young people.

Furthermore, my experiences on campus with schools and at the NSPCC and Childline give me an additional, invaluable perspective which I can bring into my coaching and consulting work.

My volunteer work includes:

Board Director, and Chair of the Remuneration and Appointments Committee, for the Scholars’ Education Trust (which is responsible for 5 schools and 3,000 children in Hertfordshire). Lead annual Board Assessment which influences the Strategy and plan for the coming year.

For the NSPCC, I have been a member of the National Services Committee since 2015 (which oversees Helplines, Childline, Schools Service and Service Centres) and the Childline Advisory Board (Childline receives a million contacts a year from children and young people).

I have worked as a Childline Counsellor since 2019 answering calls, text chat and emails from children and young people from across the country.

I have supported Speakers for Schools since c. 2016, speaking to 6th formers at schools when they are making academic and career decisions about their future.

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