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Providing bespoke insight, support and challenge to help executives achieve clarity, focus and a renewed sense of purpose and direction to find their path to achieve the results they desire.

My coaching approach

People appreciate my vision and strategic clarity, insightful and intuitive approach coupled with my customer and commercial understanding, which means my approach is practical and resourceful.

My broad and deep experience helps me understand people and their contexts, tune in and help them get to where they want to be.

My motivation is to make a difference.

My coaching approach to facilitate clarity on what people want , inspire people to realise the hidden treasures they possess, and support people to develop the confidence and commitment to achieve their goals.

I am flexible, responsive and person led, not fixed on any particular coaching approach but bring what’s needed as required in the moment for the person and situation.

I am professional, credible, and trustworthy working with high profile people in sensitive situations which calls for very high standards of professional confidentiality and discretion.

My coaching credentials

I am strength based, future-focussed executive coach taking a bespoke whole person approach for the coachee.

I have a wide and deep experience and expertise base to draw on and I tailor my approach, tools and techniques to where the person is and what they want. No coaching programme or even session is ever the same.

I can also draw on my cultural awareness, business experience, and specific issue knowledge from being a consultant and counsellor, to meet people where they are in often a complex web of organisational, professional, and personal challenges, and help them to find a path, navigating the obstacles and building their confidence and belief.

I work with the coachee to find clarity, insight, and vision.  I support people to find their purpose, define their goals and realize their action plan. I believe people have the strength and resources within, and I help them to tune into this and sweep away some of the interference.

I have come to see that many people don’t realise their full inner strengths, power, and energy they have as we get diminished and undermined by life, other people, experiences and importantly ourselves.

I work with people on their inner landscape focussing on what they do well, what they find enjoyable and what gives them energy. I am future focused and build people up with the energy, focus and resilience to move forward. Using my natural curiosity, creativity, and desire to support others I help people realise their potential and find their best version of themselves.

My professional qualifications include:

Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development since 2012

Master NLP Practitioner

Workplace Big 5 Profile Accredited Consultant

Strengthscope Master Practitioner

Childline Qualified Counsellor

Masters in Executive Coaching and Mentoring from the Institute of Leadership and Management

Approved Senior Management Executive Coach for Civil Service Learning

“Catherine brings structure, clarity, and constructive challenge to our discussions. She is an exceptional coach with a true appreciation of what it’s like to operate in a fast paced environment. Catherine has always provided brilliant objective guidance on how to personally and professionally achieve my goals, and I always thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together too!”

Eve Williams, Chief Marketing Officer, UK at eBay

“Catherine has been an incredible help to me, and she is an exceptional coach. She was a smart thinking partner in working through challenges and acted as a sounding board for my thoughts. The time I had with her was invaluable. I could not recommend her more.”

Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society

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